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KR Scholars Alumni Winning in Life

June 5, 2024

Déja is one of our KR Scholars who recently graduated! 🏆🎓 She is all that!! 🔥🔥🔥

- B.A. in Criminology ✅
- B.A. in Spanish ✅
- Minor in Political Science ✅
- Summa Cum Laude ✅
- College of Arts and Sciences Humanities Graduation Invocation Speaker ✅
- Highest GPA in the World Languages/Cultures Department ✅
- Scholarship coach and expert ✅
- Debt-free and dual degree holder ✅

Law degree next up...👀

We can't wait to see her join our board in a few years as legal support 🎓🙏🏾🏆

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